Remember when kids
 used to be cool? My grandfather started smoking when he was nine years old. Sure, he died of
 lung cancer at 65 years old.

But at least
 he was not over weight, and
 that is good because we would of  had to super size his Casket


         Weigh Loss Why?

Fat Kids Don't
 Eat Apples



Is being Fat Our Fault?
Or the attitude of
Fat Greedy Money Hungry Corporations 

And you you make me Feel Bad  and call me fatty

                                                            Several legal suits have been brought against
                                                                 McDonald's Restaurants that they are knowingly
                                                      selling food that is unhealthy

                                                       Parents Know this. and they
                                                      Super Size their kids & their Lunch

                                                            The goverment allows people to Smoke
                                                         My Dad Smokes, He does not care about his health .
                                                         Then how can you exspect me to understand my health.
Since 1998, governments at all levels have collected more than $444 BILLION
They realy care about kids  Eating Healthy ?
They make More money when you super size it,   in taxes


                       What No more
                             Never Happen

The health risks of tobacco are well known, yet every year many young people take up smoking. Here's how to help your kids avoid tobacco use
- or quit, ..
Don't smoke your self
And don't super sise your lunch