Weigh Loss Why?

Fat Kids Don't
 Eat Apples

















                           Blow tha guy over here

                           Iammm Hungry



   Ia'm cuddly  and warm  and is it dinner time  Fat Dogs can fetch and be Happy  Bacon any one
I Love  Catching Fat Fish I need a bigger shirt Please  Come on winter  I'm Ready  " Just one more nut 
I ate to many Grass Hoppers  " Well worth it  What Does a  200 lb  bird say    "CHURP  I think this pot belly tree has been over eating
One more drink  and you will be desert  Yum Yum  I made a lot of big bucks for being a fat caterpillar
When I grow up  from being  a so called fat thing
I will become a beauty for all to see
Hurry up Besty  The race is ready to start