The first time my
Uncle Bob  took me to a
all you can eat  place

 He told me had you stand
on a scale when you go in.
 and they weighed you when your done eating so  they
know how much to charge



















         Weigh Loss Why?

Fat Kids Don't
 Eat Apples



My Skinny friend & I were Bear hunting when a bear came out of the woods, right in front of my friend, 
 I herd the bear say
    Hey A Snack.  He then Turn and
 Seen me ,
Wow Look at that"   Buffet in tenny shoes.
  Well he headed towards me, I jumped up 
 landed on him like a
Ton of Bricks
 Ya  Baby; We had Bear burgers  for Dinner







   Some one Say Dinner














                                 Grizzly Bear Ribs



The koolest thing was
 My two friends and I were walking across a long bridge over the river 

and I stepped on a rotten plank and it broke. I fell half way through  and then got stuck.  Man if it would of been my
 little buddy,  he would of been swimming for sure

 My dad got the truck and tied a rope on me and pulled me to safety.

we laughed all during dinner about  how being fat saved my life again