Weigh Loss Why?

Fat Kids Don't
 Eat Apples





It is our privilege to help Over Weight Children
through Education
of both parents and Children That the life style & Feelings
 of a fat person are just as Precious as as the
feelings of others. 

          Being Fat 
Is Ok.

   See my Grand Maw & Grand Paw

 Make millions as a Football player. Pool Hustler,

Sumo Wrestler
Tug A War Anchor.  Weight Lifter.

Most important! You won't get  Blown Away  in a hurricane!










        My Dogs
         likes Fat Kid


              That's what my
                      Dog Rusty Says












                                         That's Right

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Dummer then a shovel    

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Danger in the woods

Its early on a chilly morning it the wooded area of Washington up by
ice creek & about the 700 line of a Crown Zellerback logging rd.. 

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Fun Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles for Kids. The program also allows kids to create their own jigsaw puzzles from personal drawings and pictures

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I love this Song

Don't Worry be Happy Song

My Dads Song                  Paper Roses Song

My Moms Song                Where Have you Been
And I also love this one     Greatest Pitcher

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